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TryNew.PH: #TryNyoTo

Campaign Scope

Instagram Post
1x Content

Tiktok Post
2x Content

PHP 1,600 - 2,600

Per Content

Thank you for your interest in being a TryNew.PH Ambassador! We are thrilled to introduce TryNew PH - the first brand #Superfan talent & marketing agency in the Philippines.

Before we begin breaking the internet, let’s get you on board! Here is what it takes to be a TryNew.PH ambassador!

#TNPH #TryNewPH #TryNyoTo #WhatsNew 

Key Messages:
It’s easy to be a content creator with TryNew.PH – Best for beginners and students, and definitely no cash out to start earning! 

Content Guidelines:
The content creators should create engaging and creative TikTok posts and videos featuring TryNew.PH to create awareness by encouraging their viewers to sign up and be a TryNew.PH ambassador too.

The posts and videos should be visually appealing and suitable for the target audience of Filipino females of all ages.

Contact Information:


This campaign has already ended.
See you in our next campaigns!

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