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1. What is TryNew.PH?

TryNew.PH is the first brand #Superfan talent & marketing agency in the Philippines.


2. What company is behind TryNew.PH?

TryNew.PH is a brainchild of Youthopia, one of the country’s leading brand activation agencies. It handles the marketing campaigns of some of the biggest brands in the country such as Pantene, H&S, Gillette, Pampers, Whisper, Safeguard, Downy, Ariel, Tide, Coke, Ensure, Kellogg’s, Ceelin, Nutroplex, Tisyu to name a few.


3. Why is it better than other Influencer Marketing Agency?

TryNew.PH strives to create a long-term relationship with the country’s content creators by offering the following unique services not offered by other agencies:


  • Steady source of income

  • Sponsors & brands to work with

  • FREE workshops

  • VIP access to PR events

  • Business support when our #Superfans create their personal brand & products in the future


4. What are TryNew.PH #SuperFans?


TryNew.PH is all for AUTHENTIC contents, engagements, and relationships. We only get content creators to collaborate with the brands that they absolutely adore.


5. Can anyone apply?


TryNew.PH entertains all applications. Once approved, a member is contacted by our casters.


6. Will it bind me to an exclusive contract?

No, we can work with content creators on a non-exclusive basis, but we must admit that content creators get to elite level faster if they are.


7. Why should I trust TryNew.PH?


TryNew.PH is a brainchild of Youthopia, one of the biggest brand activation agencies in the country. It counts the biggest multinational and local corporations in the country, such as Procter & Gamble Phils, Nestle Phils, Unilab, Abbott Laboratories, NutriAsia, Coca Cola Phils, among its clients. It’s been in the business of brand activations for 20 years & counting.


8. How will I earn as TryNew.PH #Superfan


Our content creators are paid on a per marketing campaign basis. Once our content creators reached elite ranking, they get paid more, and are given more brand campaigns to work with on a regular basis.


9. How will I get paid?

Our content creators are paid via G-Cash or bank-to-bank transactions.


10. How can TryNew.PH help me in the future?

We can provide support in the form of capital, marketing, and operation support in the future, should an elite #Superfan venture into launching his/her own personal brand.


11. How do I join?

You can apply by filling-out our application form.


12. I’m still a minor. How can I join?

You can still join but we will require you to submit a signed parental consent once we engage your service for paid marketing campaigns.


1. How long should I wait before I get my samples?


You will receive an SMS notification from us once your samples are available. You will also receive an SMS notification from our courier once your TryNew gift box is ready to be delivered to your shipping address.


2. How long can I use my samples?

Please check the expiry period indicated on the product samples or BEST BEFORE date indicated on our TryNew gift box.


3. Can I choose my samples?


TryNew has sole discretion over the samples that will be distributed to its members. Members have option to give them away to others if they are not to their liking.


4 How many samples do I expect per gift box?


TryNew has sole discretion over the quantity of samples that will be distributed to its members. The number of samples depends on their availability and what can fit physically inside the gift box.


5. Can I pay to get more samples?


All our product samples are for FREE. We don't charge for them.


6. I don't like my samples. Can I get it replaced?


Since these product samples are for FREE, we don't accommodate requests for replacements. Members have the option to give them away to others if they are not to their liking.


7. I suffered allergies from the product samples. Where can I seek help?


Since our product samples are for FREE, we give our members full responsibility and discretion for using them. Please read our terms & condition.


8. The courier is asking me to pay for delivery charges. Should I pay?


All our product samples are delivered FREE of charge. Do not pay our courier.


9. Do you operate outside of Metro Manila?


We are exclusive to Metro Manila members only until June 30, 2024. We will go nationwide, wait for further notice.


10. What are the perks of being a MEMBER?


As a member, you get free product samples plus a chance to win cash prizes from our contest.


11. How do I become a paid TN! AMBASSADOR?


Depending on your qualifications and performance, you can be promoted into any of the following TryNew categories: Elite Ambassador, Super Ambassador & Top Ambassador. Each category commands a higher fee or pay scale. You will discuss this with our talent manager.


12. Can I post product reviews or rate products even if I don't get samples?


No. Only members who received the samples can post product reviews or submit product ratings.

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