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TryNew.PH: Discover

Campaign Scope

Instagram Post
1x Content

Tiktok Post
1x Content

PHP 1,000 

thru Gcash

We are thrilled to introduce TryNew PH - the first brand #Superfan talent & marketing agency in the Philippines.


If you’re a beginner as a content creator with a minimum of 2k followers on Tiktok, this is a perfect fit!


#TNPH #TryNewPH #TryNewGift #TryNyoTo


Key Messages:
It’s easy to be a content creator with TryNew.PH – Best for beginners and students, and definitely no cash out to start earning!

Content Guidelines:

The content creators should create engaging and creative TikTok posts featuring TryNew.PH to create awareness by encouraging their viewers to sign up and be a TryNew.PH ambassador too.


The posts and videos should be visually appealing and suitable for the target audience of Filipino male and female of all ages. It can also be executed in the form of Voice Over with supers, and green screens.

Contact Information:

Content Creators with a minimum of 2K followers on Tiktok nationwide.

You're Ready!
Click on the task brief below to know more and how to submit!

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