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10 TikTok Trends to Watch Out For in 2024

Tiktok is all about trends. It can be a challenge, a viral sound, an everyday hack, or creative idea. When users of Tiktok continue to engage in a trend, the app's algorithm will continue to show them the same type of content. As a result, joining TikTok trends is a wise move to expose your TikTok videos to a broader audience, including viewers who may have never interacted with your account. It's more important than ever for social media strategists to recognize the opportunity to ride on to these trends. Here are ten Tiktok trends you need to watch out for in 2024:


1. Rise of cringy content 

Internet trends can range from funny to downright offensive. However, in the case of TikTok, they can be genuinely dangerous or just plain silly. Surprisingly, most people still find this type of strategic tendency interesting (especially those with nothing else to do or those who thrive on gossip).


2. “Deinfluencing”

Deinfluencing refers to influencers turning away from the conventional promoting approach. Influencers are becoming more genuine than paid to advertise pricey goods they may not have used. Ironically, deinfluencing still involves influencing naturally. The distinction is that the trend's producers share goods they genuinely like rather than goods they were paid to appreciate.


3. Longer, More Informative Content

While TikTok is undoubtedly known for memes and amusement, there is a shift toward the app's users sharing more educational materials. Users are using the platform in this manner the same way they would Twitter- a venue to talk about news and current events. Some would use longer video formats in this manner. Although most TikToks are under 3015 seconds, users can now upload videos up to 10 minutes long. Creators are utilizing that possibility to post more instructional content.


4. SEO for TikTok

Another trend is the app being used for search. Employing search engine optimization techniques can thoroughly examine TikTok content and provide accurate results. TikTok creators increasingly consider how search influences their content, captions, descriptions, and hashtags. With time, captions have changed from just a list of hashtags to more significant, detailed phrasing. To join the trend, make sure you use relevant hashtags and thoughtful descriptions and speak the essential words aloud or with text overlay, as necessary.


5. UGC vs. Ads

Another trend is to make videos that resemble user-generated content rather than conventional advertisements, especially for TikTok advertising. UGC can be a powerful tool that offers a compelling approach to exhibit interactions and establish authenticity by enabling customers to share their experiences and become brand ambassadors. Potential customers view UGC as more sincere and trustworthy, which has a flowing impact. Through UGC, brands may capitalize on the influence of peer recommendations and use the leverage of happy consumers to draw in new ones. Customers that experience this degree of participation feel valued and recognized, which fosters a sense of ownership and loyalty. 



6. Micro and Nano Tiktok influencers will be favored

Most marketers additionally enlist the aid of influencers in their sector and advertise their services and goods through various forms of content and adverts on Tiktok. Micro and nano influencers may help you promote your goods and services to their audiences, boosting interactions, sales, and customer engagement that is more cost-effective. This content resonates well with their followers since they share the same interests and needs. Although limited to smaller communities or groups, there is an expected higher success rate when promoting brands through this group.


7. Customer service through Tiktok

Tiktok can function as a customer service tool as social listening becomes more prominent and marketers start using this analysis. If a customer provides feedback or reports a problem, you should respond to them immediately on that particular social media channel so that everyone can see your effectiveness. Make sure you provide them with a prompt response, but if their issue becomes worse, you can discuss it discreetly afterward. Simply being there and demonstrating empathy for them will solve half of their customer service-related problems.


8. Tiktok Showcasing more Talented Individuals

TikTok provides an excellent platform for showcasing people's hidden talent. If you have a unique talent and want the world to see it, you can easily create an account on TikTok and start posting your videos. TikTok gives you the resources to produce quality content showcasing your skills. Additionally, it gives you the venue to connect with a vast global audience. So, the possibilities are endless. This pattern has existed since the invention of Tiktok; thus, it will continue as latent time increases.


9. Lower Production Value

Another standing trend is only sharing videos with relatively low video quality. Again, authenticity is the key here. High-quality videos with excellent lighting, production qualities, and cinematic elements work well on YouTube but are useless on TikTok. Everything else on TikTok just stands out badly because it was developed to showcase short videos shot from mobile devices. Creators are free to use enhancements such as ring lights or other additional equipment to produce better output; you don’t want it to look like a full production studio shoot (even if it was).


10. The Yellow Basket

Tikto saw an opportunity to integrate e-commerce capabilities into its platform and capitalize on its success, particularly among younger generations, and established TikTok Shop. A unique and well-received feature, TikTok provides its consumers with distinctive and captivating experiences by fusing entertainment with online purchasing. This trend enhances how companies connect with their audiences and sell their products by adding services like shoppable advertisements, product displays, and creator partnerships, as native checkout can increase conversion rates and improve return on ad spend (ROAS).


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