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TikTok User-Generated Content

10 Reasons Why You Should Promote User-Generated Content on TikTok

During the pandemic, Tiktok has been one of the main sources of entertainment on social media. With its unlimited supply of short clips created by people from different walks of life, it has been a platform for all content about anything and everything under the sun. Can you imagine the social impact and the consumer reach one Tiktok video can do? This makes Tiktok the perfect avenue for an endless pool of User-Generated Content (UGC) ever since.


User-Generated Contents or UGCs are any piece of brand-specific content that are originally created by a user or a regular customer. UGCs are a good strategy to create engagements, to create a buzz and eventually, increase consumer conversions. Here ten some reasons that made it on our list on why you should promote UGCs on Tiktok.


1. Trust and Reputation

Gaining trust and confidence must be the top priority when trying to make it in a platform like Tiktok. You must establish your message to be engaged with and eventually, trusted. And this is where UGC comes in. UGC allows for consumers to see relatable people patronize your brand and that’s how you initially catch their attention and get a ‘follow.’ Studies show that brands that utilize UGC gain the trust of 90% of consumers.


2. Raise Your Brand’s Community

Form your brand’s community by putting your customers’ UGC in the forefront of your official Tiktok profile. This way, you will be able to enhance your relationship with your community who will never run out of UGCs for your account. Consequently, your profile will then increase traffic as it will be recognized as the go-to for content directly intended for your target market.


3. Extend Your Reach

UGC allows for your brand to have a wider reach as consumers are attracted to authenticity and relatability. Tiktok UGC produces a wider reach than traditional marketing could ever do.


4. Numbers Don’t Lie

Tiktok users are now shoppers. More than 50% of users have purchased something on Tiktok after watching a video. When consumers see a more relatable person, it sparks more interest and more engagement. It’s best to use these to increase conversion of customers.

5. Social Proof

Social proof is the new bandwagon technique. It is when people get all worked up on a demonstration on a Tiktok video that it spreads like wildfire and voila, a trend is born. Using UGC is an effective way to harness the power of social proof instinct and empower them to create Tiktok content specially for your brand.


6. Tiktok Trends

Staying in the loop on the latest Tiktok trends allows for more UGC for your brand and also, creates a reputation for your brand to be ‘in’ and ‘on-trend.’


7. Cost-effectiveness

Since UGCs are created by your existing patrons, this is a cost-effective tactic to scale your business and begin to build your Tiktok community. There’s also no need to spend a lot on over-the-top campaigns to produce contents for your brand’s Tiktok profile.


8. Adaptability and Effectivity

Tiktok UGCs make your brand easy to adapt to and as a result, becomes an effective tool to introduce your brand to new customers and retain regulars. Eventually, these customers will be enticed to try your products and convert into sales.


9. Authentic = Organic

Currently, it is a constant competition for the attention of the fickle-minded generation. As consumers grow more and more passionate about being selective, authenticity takes the cake and Tiktok UGC is as authentic as authentic can get. You must always make sure that your brand’s UGC comes from any of these sources: your employees, your customers or your brand’s valued patrons.

Authenticity VS Organic Chart

Source: Business Wire

10. Social Commerce Harmony

Shopping directly on the top social media platforms is becoming a norm. Social Commerce is the future of online shopping. From simply browsing and scrolling through Tiktok videos up to completing the purchase transaction from the ‘yelllow basket,’ these can all be done on Tiktok itself. Social Commerce and Tiktok UGC work hand in hand in propelling customer conversions as 80% of customers have expressed that UGC is a deciding factor when they purchase a product. 





Tiktok is one of (if not the best platform) for brands to make the most of when it comes to infusing UGC to drive customer conversions and sales.

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