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TryNew.PH: Filter Challenge

Campaign Scope

Tiktok Video
1x Content

We are thrilled to introduce TryNew PH - the first brand #Superfan talent & marketing agency in the Philippines.

Test your friends’ or family’s knowledge about everyday trivias but make it slay with our very own filters!


#TNPH #TryNewPH #TryNewSpotIt #NewFilter 


Key Message:

Have your friends and family join in and ask questions that are related trivia but not a lot of people knows about. 
Ex. What is your pet peeve? Or what is the meaning of “pet peeve”?

Content Guidelines:

  • Invite your friends or family to join this challenge.

  • Ask the question before uncovering our face.

  • Whoever the filter lands on, will answer the question.

  • Feel free to add bloopers, wrong answers.

  • The funnier the video is, the higher chances your entry will be approved.


Contact Information:

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