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10 Best Tactics to Create A Successful TikTok Marketing Campaign

Tiktok’s rise to fame since its launch in 2016 drew a strong preference for content creators, brands and marketers to be present the fast-paced platform.  The rapid growth  in followers and income positioned TikTok as a strong rival of established networks like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. One can get overwhelmed with the newest trends and strategies made  available and  even updated daily. 


With the now crowded market at Tiktok, it is vital that your brand or content stand out from competition. Whether you are just getting started with your TikTok marketing efforts or you have been running advertising on the platform for years, knowing how to craft a Tiktok strategy  will  get your brand noticed and achieve increased visibility, following and conversion.   Check out our 10 best tactics to create a  successful marketing campaign for Tiktok.


  1. Get familiarized with Tiktok. Understand what Tiktok marketing is and learn how you can set up Tiktok for Business for your brand. Learning about the basics will  help you navigate and maximize  your marketing plan.

  2. Plan the Tiktok marketing campaign. Develop your objectives, strategy and plan based on research, brand brief and directions.

  3. Create content that is highly personalized for your defined target market. People react to content that clearly speaks to them directly.

  4. Analyze the competition. Always do environmental scanning  and check what works for competitor brands. Adopt what is working but opt to become bigger and stronger  while being effective in delivering your key message.

  5. Keep  updated on your content creators. Always seek for Tiktok stars and influencers who can talk and influence your market. Consider collaborations and partnerships with them to amplify  your campaign.

  6. Develop a content plan. Sticking to a calendar will not only organize your schedule but  will maintain consistent Tiktok posting schedule.

  7. Ride on trends. Maximize your content potential by participating in trends. Use of popular music or sound bites with your content can increase awareness, views and event virality potential to get your brand discovered.

  8. Utilize social listening power. Monitor and track your brand mentions, competitors and trending topics. Relate this to your audience and brand offering. You can derive learnings from insights on how to better attract or retain loyal customers for your brand.

  9. Track progress.  Take the time to check on online analytics and see if you are reaching your goals. Get guidance on and learn how to optimize your numbers from benchmarks, case studies and competition.

  10. Experiment. Don’t limit your brand to current practices. Be creative and fearless in exploring new content ideas. Learn  and grow your brand  while running your tests. Remember that Tiktok is also about having fun.


Tiktok has changed the landscape of digital marketing. Until the next new player  or innovation comes, it will continue to  be one of the top of mind platforms to capture the market’s  interest and preference. Until then, maximize reaching your brand goals by being there as a strong content source.

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