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10 Instagram Marketing Trends You Need to Follow in 2023

Social media platforms are quickly shaping the landscape of the practice and potential of the marketing industry. Ingenuity takes the cake when marketers engage in social media to promote brands’ products in the hopes of reaching its target consumers. However, originality can only take you so far as new trends keep emerging in the game and you must keep up!


Instagram, for instance, is one of the world’s top social platforms with its current global ad audience reach of at least 1.628 billion worldwide. There are 21.3 million users in the Philippines alone which accounts for roughly 18.9% of its entire population.

Sources: IG Global Reach / PH IG Users - July 2023)


Now, if you're ready to take your marketing game to the next level, fasten your seatbelts as we delve onto the top ten Instagram marketing trends you can't afford to miss in 2023.


1. Authentic Storytelling

In a world where authenticity is the currency, weaving compelling stories that resonate with your audience has become paramount. Ditch the corporate jargon and embrace vulnerability. Share the journey, the challenges, and the triumphs that define your brand's DNA.


2. Let’s Go Shopping 2.0

E-commerce has undergone a remarkable transformation on Instagram. Shoppable posts are no longer just about showcasing products; they are an interactive gateway to seamless shopping experiences. From discovery to checkout, your audience can now immerse themselves in a shopping extravaganza without leaving the app.


3. Augmented Reality (AR) Adventures

Elevate engagement to new heights with AR experiences that defy reality. From quirky filters to virtual try-ons, AR is injecting a dose of playfulness into your brand interaction. It's not just about aesthetics; it's about making your brand experience unforgettable.


4. The Rise of Authentic Influencers

Move over, vanity metrics! Authenticity is the new influencer currency. Collaborate with micro-influencers who hold sway over a specific niche and foster genuine connections. These influencers bring a relatable touch that resonates deeply with their loyal followers.


5. Reels: Bite-sized Brilliance

Videos remain the crown jewels of content, and Reels have seized the throne. In a world of short attention spans, these snappy, energetic videos capture hearts and minds in seconds. Dance challenges, mini-tutorials, or just a peek behind the scenes – Reels are your ticket to the front row of your audience's attention.


6. Conscious Branding for a Better World

The millennial and Gen Z audience seeks brands that stand for something more profound than products. These are brands who are embracing sustainability, social responsibility, and purpose-driven narratives. When you contribute positively to society and the planet, you earn loyalty that transcends transactions.


7. Engagement Through Interaction

The era of passive scrolling is waning. Interactive polls, quizzes, and Q&A sessions invite your audience to participate actively. Make them part of your story, and watch your engagement metrics skyrocket, thanks to the algorithm's love for interaction.


8. Micro-Content, Macro Impact

As attention spans dwindle, micro-content is your golden ticket. Condense powerful information into bite-sized infographics, quick tips, or inspiring quotes. They're not just easy to consume; they're magnets for shares and saves.


9. Behind-the-Curtain Connection

Humanity is at the heart of every brand. Showcasing the human side of your business with behind-the-scenes content fosters a genuine emotional bond. It's a sneak peek into the personality and passion that fuels your brand's engine.


10. User-Generated Goldmine

Your audience is your most potent marketing force. Encourage user-generated content and flaunt it proudly. Whether it's reviews, testimonials, or creative interpretations of your brand, UGC adds authenticity and a sense of community to your online presence.


As we navigate the currents of Instagram marketing in 2023, these trends are our North Star. By harnessing the power of authenticity, interactivity, and innovation, we're not just adapting; we're thriving in a digital landscape that rewards creativity and connection. So, marketers, let's step into this year's arena with these trends as our armor, crafting campaigns that resonate and captivate in equal measure.

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