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10 Influencer Marketing Trends You Need to Try in 2023

As we now live in a modernized world centered and revolving around social media platforms, a new trend in brand marketing has been taking the world by storm since we all took a pause during the pandemic.


More and more brands from different industries now utilize influencer marketing as influencers have now dominated reach to consumers and target markets. Even more so, it’s not as easy as tapping influencers but rather, keeping up with ever-changing trends.


This time, let’s take a plunge into the top Influencer Marketing Trends for 2023.


1. UGC Takes the Stage

Whether it’s as simple as posting photos of you in your new fits or unboxing your latest gadget or even sharing this month’s shopping haul, these are definite instances of User-Generated Content (UGC). UGC are brand-specific social media contents that are originally created by a user or a customer.


UGC is a good strategy to create engagements, to create a buzz and eventually, increase consumer conversions.


2. Two Words: Instagram and Tiktok

Did anybody say campaigns?


For your brand’s marketing campaigns, IG and Tiktok are the top platforms you should be focusing on. Gone are the days when FB was the sole dominator of all social media sites. From engaging with consumers to building relationships with your target market, these two are the way to go.


3. Live Selling is Not Kidding

During the pandemic, going outside became limited and shopping in malls and stores have become irrelevant. That is when Live Selling took flight. Influencers demonstrate and flaunt their cult favorite products and brands through live videos on different platforms while consumers can do an on-the-spot ordering. Though the pandemic has since been eased, live selling continues to be one of the top trends in influencer marketing.


4. Cross-posting is Key 

An average social media user now checks into 3 to 6 different platforms. Influencers cross-posting on different channels allows brand recognition and familiarity much easier as it reaches a much wider audience that traditional marketing have yet to tap. Plus, it’s a good time saver!


5. Highlight: Diversity and Representation

 Influencer Marketing now draws attention to the values of diversity and representation in brand campaigns. Since influencers now come from different walks of life, diversity and representation now demand brands to keep up. Consumers seeing influencers that are relatable promote authenticity and who doesn’t love authenticity? Influencers who promote brands with the same values have since been proven effective.


6. Influencer x Brand Collaborations

Brands are now opening to co-create exclusive product lines with their ambassadors and it has been a no-fail campaign since. Collaborations with influencers showcase the firm bond between a strong influencer who has a massive following and a good brand that he/she proudly represents. The influencers’ numbers then convert into sales as followers transform into customers.


7. Paid Ads

Paid ads paired with influencer marketing is actually a good combination as it boosts the brand’s reach without disrupting the consumer’s browsing experience.


8. Influencer Marketing + Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, the use of discount codes and affiliate links entices the influencers’ following leading to increased brand awareness and consumer conversions.


9. Data Never Lies 

Marketers measuring influencer marketing through ROI and sales data have since become revolutionary.


Choosing the right fit of influencers to the brand’s message is something that marketers now focus on as this will be the basis in hitting the target market mark. This is based on the influencer’s reach, following, likes and content.


10. Video Contents 

Replaying the play button is not new as video contents have always been the top attention-grabber for social media users. Followers never miss video contents of their favorite influencers. As brands take advantage of this, it can amount to increase in reach in no time!


FINAL WORDS? It is crystal clear the Influencer Marketing have opened and created new trends in the marketing world but it is always up to us to keep up with the pace as these new trends keep ever changing and revolutionizing.

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